This bow is used for my niece's Congrats MBA Master's Box
Occasionally, I have trouble keeping bows on projects. Before I can get cards in the mail the bow has fallen off and stuck to the bottom of my shoe or on something other than the intended card. Sometimes glue dots work and sometimes not.
 So I came up with "This Bow Will Not Fall Off Your Project" Tutorial.

For tutorial purpose I'm using card board
Use whatever tool you own to make holes.
 The punched area should be just large enough for the ribbon to go through.
 I always  practice with scrap ribbon and cardboard
 to determine what length or width holes should be. 

Weave the ribbon  through back, over and back, or  each end through to back.
If using thin card stock you should reinforce holes with invisible tape
before punching holes so the card stock will not tear during the weaving.

Bring a loop through opposite hole on each side.
Use a stylus if  help is needed to push ribbon through opening

bring the two ends through opposite side underneath bow as much as possible and make adjustments.


christi said...

thanks for the hint.

Kylie said...

this is a wonderful technique. Thanks for sharing! xx

Viv said...

So simple... yet looks so great, tfs :) Viv xx

Carol said...

brilliant, love it. TFS

Kazzie Ice said...

Great tip, must bear that in mind, thanks so much for sharing!xx

smayo said...

This is probably the prettiest card I've seen. I check out many. I love card making too. thank you

smayo said...

OOps sorry, I thought I was on the Golden Birthday Card page.

Sylvia K. said...

Just noticed this technique in 2021. Thank you so much -- game changer.