Pillow Box Quilting Card Tutorial

PILLOW BOX Quilting Technique
 I used Spellbinders Wonky Rectangles -largest and second largest dies
Italian floral paper (thin is better),
one layer of washi paper quilting foam and
one piece of cardboard (or chipboard).
Trace the smaller rectangle on the back side of the floral paper,
cut corners and notches
 glue foam to card board and
add glue on bottom of cardboard to adhere floral paper.
Press the tabs into the glue around the bottom of cardboard  
Secure the fan folded piece until able to tie with thin cord/string

Tie the floret to the band and adjust to hide the cord.


Lena Babina said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks foe tutorial.

Kazzie Ice said...

This is so gorgeous ... I really must try this one out! TFS xx

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