Monday, July 29, 2013

Together Forever

T'is the season for weddings and I'm resupplying my arsenal. I made this card in honor of our SCS Queen for the Day QFTD159 heartsong47What a wonderful gallery Jan has.

I kept her basic designed but added my closest elements. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Treats for a Friend

Creating sweet treat boxes is a favorite of mine. I have made other round and oval containers and have had a little trouble with the openings. This time I've come up with the telescoping top which spins open with a brad attachment.

Here are the dies I've used. 
Any round or oval shape will do as long as there is a classic shape (no decorative edge) 
to attach the body strip to.

I cut  four cardboard shapes; 
solid beaded for bottom of box, oval ringlet, (classic oval is missing from photo) 
and beaded oval ringlet.
and three cream card stock shapes. One to cover bottom cardboard,
the top for opening and the beaded ringlet.  

You will need a strip of card stock that measures 2 and 1/2" by 11". Score the strip at 1/4" on top and bottom long side and add 1/4"width score tape to each long side. Also add score tape to one end. 
Cut saw tooth effect through score tape for tabs to make it easier to adhere to oval or circle

(see red liner tape on yellow more clearly)
(I scored the yellow strip at 3/8". This made the tabs a little too long when attached to the ringlet oval. 
It needed trimming.)

Remove score tape liner and start in the center half of oval attaching the tabs.

Also attach the other tabbed end to the ringlet oval.

Add a beaded oval card stock to the beaded oval cardboard with glue and adhere to bottom.

Add a beaded ringlet card stock to beaded cardboard shape and glue to ringlet top.
Add another beaded card stock to remaining beaded oval cardboard shape, align and attach the top with a brad. Depending on what shape you use you may need to punch/pierce a small hole for the brad. 

Decorate your box the way you like and add something sweet or cute inside. 
Great for M&Ms, Kisses, Nuts, paper clips and etc...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meadowlark and Grape

My -not so- traditional card celebrates the -to be wedded- couple's home state of Oregon. The state bird and flower image was googled. I printed the image onto card stock twice; one for the background and one for the  die cut bird cage.  The cage is lined up over the second image and popped up. It gives a wonderful 3D action. I also added some handmade flowers and die cut leaves.